Our Company

Digital Products International, Inc., was originally founded in 1971 in Saint Louis, Missouri, as Dick Proctor Imports. It began operations as an importer of factory brand consumer electronics from the Orient. In 1973, the company began designing and contracting for the manufacture of products under it's own brand name, "Gran Prix Electronics". This evolution continued until the line was entirely composed of products exclusively designed and manufactured for Gran Prix.

In 1985, Dick Proctor Imports, Inc. was formally changed to GPX, Inc., and subsequently, the product brand was changed from Gran Prix to GPX. Just one year later, the Dutch company Hagemeyer, N.V. acquired a majority interest in GPX. Over the ensuing 8 years, GPX continued to grow by adding new categories and continuing to build its relationships with retailers. In April, 2004, GPX was purchased by a New Jersey based private investment firm that specialized in the acquisition of platform companies with significant growth potential.

In 2007, GPX changed its corporate identity to Digital Products International, (DPI, Inc.). DPI, Inc. to better reflect its expansion of products introduced the iLive Brand which included docking and charging products in partnership with Apple. This provided one of the broadest consumer electronic audio and video product portfolios available on the market. This assortment includes Shelf Music Systems, Personal Audio Players, Home Theater Systems, Televisions, AM/FM Radios, Digital Audio (MP3/WMP) Devices and Accessories-among others. Following the transition to Digital Products International, (DPI, Inc.), management acquired the company in 2008.

DPI expanded its offering in 2010 to include stylish and affordable home and kitchen appliances under the brand name Culinair. The lineup includes mini-fridges and wine coolers.

In 2011 DPI, Inc. introduced a new product line, which functions as a part of the iLive brand. The iLive brand now includes products that are Bluetooth enabled and compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, most Android and Blackberry devices, mobile phones, tablets, and other Bluetooth devices.

In 2012, DPI launched Zeki, a brand for multi-touch tablets made for Android. These high-quality tablets include the latest in capacitive multi-touch technology, built-in wifi, expandable memory up to 32GB, Android OS, and a High Capacity Rechargeable Battery. The Zeki tablets come with multiple App-Stores providing access to thousands of great Apps. In 2014, DPI launched a Windows cased tablet under the Zeki brand, further broadening its tablet portfolio.

In 2012, DPI also launched an expansive array of accessories. Today that assortment includes everything from portable power chargers, USB chargers, HDMI and optical cables, earbuds and headphones, and Bluetooth earbuds and headphones.

We have built a solid reputation with excellent product quality, reliability and affordability. Our success is based on the principals of exceeding the expectations of our customers by offering the latest in technology and features, packaged in world-class designs-all at affordable prices.

Each year, we proudly supply Americans with millions of consumer electronic products. We sell products to U.S. distributors, mass merchandisers, specialty electronics stores, variety and drug chains, and home shopping networks. In addition, we are a key supplier to direct mail and premium accounts.

DPI, Inc. headquarters and distribution center is located in a state-of-the-art, 330,000 square foot facility in downtown Saint Louis, Missouri.